Roskilde Festival show coming up!

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Tomorrow, Friday the 1st we will play Roskilde Festival. We have been working on this specific show for more than 3 months now and can’t wait to do this one! We have teamed up with the best sound guys, visual wizards and light designers to bring you a very special show. The concert will be filmed by our own camera crew and also ZDF and MTV will record this one so should you not be around to explore this concert, you’ll still be able to see what you’re missing out on!

The show takes place at Arena Stage – the second largest – and stars at 2.00 am!



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We are thrilled to inform you that our new mini album, “Knee Deep” will be released April 25th on Kompakt. It will be a digital release and vinyl release will include bonus tracks. Also, we plan to make a very limited CD print with even more bonus tracks, t shirts etc. Below is the cover for “Knee Deep”. 

New Shows

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Guess what?

We added new shows! At long last…..

This spring and summer we will not only play europe. We will be going back to the states to play a couple of shows in NYC. After that we will play in Austin at the fantastic SXSW festival.

There will be more shows added soon. So maybe we will play at a fantastic festival near you…..

See you out there….


New video. Here is a still….

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Before we release our next album, we will release a single.

When you release the first single of an album, you also need to release a video.

This first single will be “Every Minute Alone” and it will hit the your local internet sometime in early march.

The video is made with he help from our friends @ Goodboy! Creative….

They were the guys who also shot “Keep Me in My Plane”

Yeah baby……

New Album(s)!

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Hey you.

We have been gone from here for a good while. Thats because we have been working on a new album. During this phase we realised, that we have enough material for two albums.

We are going to release one in April. That will be a mini-album or a large EP. You decide.

The other full lenght album will be released in the end of summer or early autumn.

Stay tuned for more info……

Love WMW

What a tour

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We just returned from South America and what a tour!

Played terrific shows for a terrific audience. Jeppe got sick and was hospitalized, so we also had to cancel a show, which is the biggest bummer of all time…..

Most of us is home by now, but the long asparagus is still in the hospital in Brazil. We are all hoping that he will get home for christmas.

Send him your love.


New show added.

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Yes, we are going to the southern part of Italy. To the capitol city in Apulia.



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Going back to our favorite places on earth! Berlin and Munich, thursday and friday. Only a few tickets left for thursday in Berlin, so get a move on, if you wanna get your groove on.

We will be playing a handful of new songs. Boing!

See you there….

PS. We will be playing with Spleen United.

Award? Yes Please……

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We have been nominated for a UK Music Video Award!!!

In two categories! You can check all the nominees out here

It´s true! No shit!

It is for the video for “Keep Me in My Plane”

It is made by Good Boy! Creative

Haven´t seen it? Dont worry, here it is:

Free song!

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It is the NGO song that we allready posted the video for.


Song here: