NYE Party Mix – free download!

On December 4th we did an unannounced New Year’s Eve show for our friends at the tiny Ritz club in Copenhagen. After a solid, traditional Danish Christmas dinner of herring, pork and schnapps we got a old-school Danish viking party vibe going. People were drinking, dancing and kissing everywhere. Our bass player Tomas’ girlfriend even broke her leg. Truly a night to remember !

WhoMadeWho played live, great local DJ’s were playing, and we recorded the whole thing, so that you can now download and have WhoMadeWho play your New Years Eve house party!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Tomas, Jeppe, and Tomas

Listen to the new “WhoMadeWho NYE party mix” track here:
Download “WhoMadeWho NYE party mix”


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