Forthcoming releases

Hey there….so things are moving ahead….Tomorrow you’ll be able to buy This Train” on iTunes. The track is from our forthcoming album “The Plot” which will be out March 23rd. 

Add to all this, that the single “The Plot” – yes, it’s also the name of one of the tunes on the album – will be out March 6th. It’ll be out on both 12″ and 7″, something for the young hipsters and for the hip youngster as well.


The track list “The Plot” 12″ : 1) The Plot Original Club Mix 2) The Plot Noze Remix 3) The Plot The Mole Remix 4) The Plot Discodeine Remix
Gomma 118


The track list “The Plot” 7″: 1) The Plot (album version) 2) This Train (album version)
Gomma 126


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